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Revamp jewellery archive 2007-2012

"REVAMP merges past and present, forgotten and re-found, loved and re-ignited.
Each piece is a hand-crafted expression;
a resurrection which draws inspiration from its originwhilst pushing the boundaries of vintage and up-cycled fashion”
Founder - Jen Ruppert

"Kotomi is a jewellery designer from Japan who specialises in hand-crafted costume jewellery.
Her main source of inspiration has been the decorative art of the European medieval world,
the Gothic, and Russian culture etc…
In the Revamp project, her passion for the historical, and her knowledge of vintage design
are combined with "reclaimed" materials.
She finds and reveals potential gems amongst tired or broken costume jewellery
in order to return them to new glory…"

Some selected Revamp items are on sale at :

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