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Kotomi Yamamura

Jewellery designer / photographer / artist, based in London.

After Art Uni, in mid-80's to late-90's she worked for over a decade as a freelance designer for fashion/ costume jewellery industries in Japan. Based in London since 1998, she began creating jewellery according to her own style and taste apart from "commercial/ trendy" styles.
Fascinated by the “grace, glory and elegance” of the past, she feels she continues to live and breath in those far distant epochs…

Her creation has expanded towards digital photography, as well as objet d'Art assemblage.

Although entirely self-taught, following her own vision, eyes and imagination, she photographs in several formats - "commercial photographs" for magazines, shops, and portraits; “documentary photographs” of historical artefacts of aesthetic beauty - antiques, old houses, ruins etc…; and her own digital artworks apart from those explananda.

Her series of objects trouves (found-objects) assemblages, in the form of bottle art, entitled “Reliquaries”, began in 2014, as jewellery for space.

handmade medieval gothic style costume jewellery
polymerclay costume jewellery
period style interior photography
jewellery designer photographer artist
old world antique style objects photography

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